Between the Alps and the sea on the roads of olive oil and wine.
We invite you to spend a holiday, or even a single day, in Arnasco (it takes only 15 minutes by car from the motorway junction in Albenga and you can reach it through the provincial road leading to Pieve di Teco), so that you could plunge into the greenness of the woods, the silver glittering of the olive groves and the vineyards of the Arveglio Valley, admire the image narration of the rural and farming civilization through the wonderful murals that, every year, are enriched by new pictures, visit the Olive Oil and Farming Civilization Museum (together with old olive mills and the very modern working one), taste the typical dishes available in the local restaurants and … stock up with the excellent olive oil, from the unique “Arnasca” variety, produced by the Olive-Oil Cooperative.

Worth seeing …


Our roots are in the olive-tree
Ancient documents testify that in the area surrounding Arnasco a cultivar called “Arnasca”, characterized by a unique pine-seed aftertaste, was already predominating. The olive-growers, in order to foster the declining agricultural activities and to hold back the depopulation of the countryside, established, in 1984, the Olive-Oil Cooperative, a modern and ready association, capable of meeting their requests concerning both the olive pressing and the support in the optimal organization of the crops. The members pick up by hand the olives, which are cultivated on about 200 hectares of terraced land (the typical terraces supported by dry-stone walls) and certify, through a traceable chain, all the cultivation phases, to guarantee the organoleptic qualities of the product and the protection of the environment. The olives are pressed by a millstone, within 24 hours from delivery, in the Cooperative oil mill, where, after a careful selection, the oil obtained is bottled. The main products can either be bought in the Cooperative shop or ordered by phone or mail (they are sent everywhere): - extra-virgin olive oil (“Arnasca”, “DOP”, Organic); - pickled olives; - dried tomatoes; - olive paste; - dried chestnuts, etc.

In the “Olive-Oil and Farming Civilization Museum” the noise of the millstone, during the pressing season, makes the machineries, the tools and the implements seem still alive and relevant. You will find about 500 objects which, in 1986, the members started to try to find and pick up, involving all the inhabitants of the village, thanks to their genuine enthusiasm.

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